Matthew Fisch



Matthew began as a systems engineer for a small .com era startup in 1999 before transitioning to enterprise technology and working as a software architect and network engineer. In 2006 he transitioned into a external consultancy role; since then he has assisted high growth companies in manufacturing, finance, risk, healthcare and entertainment sectors with a strong bias toward high volume transactional and large dataset analytics systems. Matthew currently focuses on strategic planning for information infrastructure as well as information security assessments and control deployments.

Matthew is located in the capital region of NY and is available per-diem in both NYC and Boston metro markets.

Danny Swett

Senior Solutions Architect

Danny has a strong proclivity toward the engineering disciplines with past concentrations in both electrical and mechanical engineering. Danny has spent the last 10 years architecting fault-tolerant high-availability information infrastructures and current focal points include both availability engineering and application performance reinforcement.

Danny is located within the D.C. metro market and is inside quick response range of the largest concentration of data centers on the US East Coast.

Lori Fisch

Chief Operating Officer

Lori's Head

Lori serves KPI as Chief Operating Officer in its day to day mission to support client organizations in maintaining highly effective technology platforms. As COO she oversees procurement, channel relationships, finance and resource scheduling. Lori acted as Executive Director with a community nonprofit for many years before joining KPI in 2012.

Lori manages KPI headquarters in Upstate NY where she lives with her husband and two dogs.

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